Barnet Band at Victoria Park

Busking for Musequality – at Victoria Park

Barnet Band at Victoria ParkVictoria Park and its Bandstand have recently been refurbished and a lively local community is working hard to increase the use of these wonderful facilities by staging a range of activities over the summer season. Barnet Band arrived in light drizzle on the day of Andy Murray’s attempt to win a further Queens Tournament title and found a very large open space with a few people, some with dogs, scattered at an average density of one each per acre. We waited anxiously for our esteemed conductor to arrive with his baton and the play list.

Once we got started, the drizzle had ceased and a gathering started to form of individuals, families and pets and our bucket holders for our nominated charity, Musequality, started to collect coins and a rare note or two. Richard Desmond of Victoria Park Friends Group had kindly laid on refreshments in the break and he seemed to have enough for some of our audience too.

The Bandstand contained and projected our music and people enjoyed our programme of show tunes and marches and as I returned a little late from a walk back from the ‘facilities’ I was able to listen to a great performance of the after interval opener, the Thunderbirds theme.

We were able to raise £132.91, which was pretty good for just two hours playing. The Executive Director of Musequality, Jeremy Bradshaw has expressed his thanks for what to Musequality was the closing performance of its annual week long World Busk.

For interest here is a little more information about another busk performance for Musequality by one of its projects.

Elgon Youth Brass Band’s busk at Mbale bus station was a big hit! In Fredrick Kyewalyanga’s words: “We used mainly our junior band with a few seniors, to show the community at the bus park that the street children they used to see in their working area poorly dressed, begging and disorganized have changed for good and are living a better life….these young boys were recognized by people working at the station as the band played. This made us proud and happy that the community appreciated our work.

Mbale Busk