Making Instruments

Band member Peter Holmes gave us an update on the woodwind instruments he has made recently:

“Here is a link to the first playing of the Roman Tibia in Berlin a couple of weeks ago:

You can hear the Seikilos Stele melody, the earliest complete melody from the ancient world, played on these pipes here:

Just in case anyone wants to learn circular breathing, here also is a video I made of Barnaby Brown teaching Olga Sutkowska how to circular breathe:

There’s actually many variations on circular breathing, some of which use  inflated cheeks and some don’t. In this video, we’re mirroring the ancient  iconography which either shows cheeks inflated or the player using a  phorbeia (in Latin a capistrum), a leather strap to hold the cheeks in. The  real reason for using the phorbeia is shrouded in mystery but the Goddess  Athena said that she would not play the aulos/tibia because it distorted her  face!”