Constitution of the Barnet Band

1.0 Title

1.1 The name of the Band shall be The Barnet Band, hereinafter referred to as The Band. Its motto shall be ‘Friendship through Music’

2.0 Objects

2.1 The primary object of The Band shall be to serve its local community and its members as a Community Band, through the study of music and the promotion of musical entertainment.

3.0 Membership

3.1 The members of The Band are those who are admitted by decision of the Committee and pay the annual subscription at the appropriate rate as determined by the Committee, all subscriptions being payable in advance. There is a single category of membership of The Band.

3.2 Members are expected to support The Band and participate fully in its activities, within the constraints of their circumstances.

3.3 Once accepted as a member of The Band, no member will have their membership withdrawn except as set out in Rule 5.6

4.0 President

4.1 The members of The Band may elect a President, whose duties are to promote the interests and well- being of The Band.

5.0 Officers and Committee

5.1 The management of The Band shall be in the hands of a Committee consisting of the three Officers, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and four other Committee members.

5.2 The Officers and the other Committee members shall be elected by and out of The Band’s members at the Annual General Meeting, or in exceptional circumstances, an Extraordinary General Meeting; they shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting and be eligible for re-election.

5.3 The Committee shall be responsible for the organisation of The Band, arrangements for events, recruitment and publicity, organisation of social activities, purchase and maintenance of band assets and all other financial aspects.

5.4 Election Procedure

The election of Committee members shall be subject to the following rules.

  • Candidates must be nominated by a member of The Band and seconded by another member of The Band. Candidates may be nominated and seconded up to two weeks in advance of the General Meeting.
  • Candidates must have been members of The Band for a period of at least twelve months before their nomination.
  • The Chairman and Officers shall be elected before the other members of the Committee.
  • Election shall be by simple majority of the members of The Band at the General Meeting. In the event of there being more than four candidates for ordinary membership of the Committee, the candidate with the least number of votes shall be eliminated. In the event of a tie, a second ballot will be held.
  • Members shall be entitled to a postal vote or a vote by proxy if they are unable to attend the General Meeting.

5.5 Conductor

  • The Committee shall appoint a Conductor who will be an ex-officio member of the Committee with full voting rights. The Committee has the power to arrange for deputies and/or guest conductors as it sees fit
  • The Committee will appoint a Conductor for a maximum period of three months, after which time a Special General Meeting will be called at which the candidate will stand for election to the position of Conductor.
  • The Conductor may be paid or unpaid as agreed with the Committee.
  • The Conductor will stand for re-election to the post at the AGM.
  • The Committee may end the appointment of the Conductor by simple majority at any properly convened meeting of the Committee.
  • The Conductor will be responsible, in consultation with the Committee, for the choice of music, programming of concerts and other events and conducting of The Band’s rehearsals and concerts.

5.6 Powers

The Committee shall deal with any serious breach of Band discipline.

  • The Committee has the power to terminate the membership of any individual, provided that the decision of the Committee (with the exception of (i) the individual concerned if a member of the Committee and (ii) any member of the Committee making or connected with the complaint against the individual) is unanimous both as to the termination and as to there being good reason for it. The individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Committee, accompanied of a friend if desired, before a final decision is made. Appeal against a decision may be made by invoking the procedure for calling an Extraordinary General Meeting (Rule 9.1).

6.0 Committee Meetings

6.1 Committee decisions shall be taken only at properly called meetings of the Committee, and except where provided elsewhere in these Rules shall be by majority voting of members of the Committee, subject to there being a quorum of five Committee members present.

6.2 In the event of a split vote the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

6.3 All quorate Committee meetings shall be minuted by the Secretary or in the absence of the Secretary by a member selected by the Secretary or the members present. The Secretary shall make minutes of

Committee meetings available to Band members on written request.

7.0 Accounts

7.1 The funds of The Band shall be kept in a Bank or Building Society account in the name of the Barnet Band. The treasurer and at least one other Committee shall be signatories to the account(s) and all cheque payments shall require two signatures.

7.2 The financial accounts shall be audited by an auditor and then submitted to the members at the Annual

General Meeting.

  • The auditor may be a member of The Band but not a member of the Committee.

8.0 Annual General Meeting

8.1 Within 12 weeks of the end of each financial year the members shall be summoned to an Annual General Meeting of which at least fourteen days’ notice shall be given in writing or the date shall be publicised at the two rehearsals preceding the date of the Meeting.

9.0 Extraordinary General Meeting

9.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called for by the Committee or upon written request to the Committee signed by at least seven members of the Band. At least fourteen days’ notice shall be given in writing or the date shall be publicised at the two rehearsals preceding the date of the Meeting.

10.0 Voting

10.1 Decisions shall be taken by General Meetings (AGMs or EGMs) by simple majority of The Band members present, except as provided elsewhere herein. In the event of a split vote, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. Members unable to attend the General Meeting may vote by proxy or arrange a postal vote.

11.0 Trustees

11.1 The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are the Trustees of The Band, and are responsible for the property and assets of the Barnet Band, including the maintenance of an up-to-date inventory of and insurance policies covering all Band instruments.

11.2 The Band shall only be disbanded by a majority decision of all members at a General Meeting, under conditions whereby The Band ceases to be able to function as a rehearsing and/or performing band.

11.3 In the event of The Band disbanding, the Trustees shall dispose of all Band property in cash or in kind, to best advantage, and after all debts have been paid give at their discretion the remaining balance to one or more not-for-profit organisations with similar aims.

12.0 Amendments

12.1 The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the members present at any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been publicised at the two rehearsals immediately preceding the General Meeting and provided that nothing herein contained shall authorise any amendment which shall have the effect of The Band ceasing to be a not- for-profit organisation.


As agreed by EGM of Sept 26 2006